At NeuroLab we make use of neuroimaging, genetic, behavioral and neuropsychological approaches to investigate the cognitive skills and neural mechanisms underlying the human ability to orient and navigate in the surrounding. We are interested in understanding the fundamental mechanisms related to spatial cognition throughout the life span (from early development to the elderly) and in the event of clinical conditions affecting the central nervous system. We have many projects that may interest you. Explore our website to find out more about our research!

------------------------------ GRADUATE STUDENT POSITION IN COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE ------------------------------

NeuroLab (www.neurolab.ca) seeks qualified applicants interested in pursuing graduate studies (Master and/or PhD) in Cognitive Neuroscience with a research focus on investigating human spatial cognition. Students will be expected to make use of behavioural and neuroimaging approaches in order to develop training programs enhancing spatial orientation skills in individuals with topographical disorientation. Experience and skills in developing game-like interactive environments would be an asset. The laboratory provides students with state-of-the-art technology for developing experimental tasks in virtual environments and acquiring functional and structural neuroimaging data in both children and adults. Information on how to apply to the Psychology Graduate Program is available at http://psychology.ucalgary.ca/graduate-program/psychology-graduate-program/application-information

The deadline for the application is December 5th, 2015. Please contact the Director of NeuroLab (iaria@neurolab.ca) if interested in applying for this position.


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